Sunday, 12 May 2013

Diamond Ring Hotel at Abu Dhabi

Not only that London has its own giant ferris wheel known as London Eye (135 metre high), Malaysia has caught up with its own Eye on Malaysia (60 metre high) which was launched on 6 Jan 2006. But sadly, Malaysia's structure won't be a permanent fixture as it will be taken down after 31 Dec 06.

Dubai in United Arab Emirates will be having its own similar structure called the Great Dubai Wheel in which I did blog about on 15 Oct 2006. It will be a 185 metre ferris wheel. Well, maybe due to egoistic problem, the emirates next to it, Abu Dhabi, may have one such structure to lure visitors to their emirates. Architectural designs, as below, have been seen and looks very impressive to me compared to the other 3 as mentioned above.


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